Professional Welder (Pierre-Yves CASALI)

Welder since 1982, bolstered by the cumulative experiences gained in projects on land access demanding, with many technical challenges, I set myself up as an independent welder in 2005.

I suggest you put those skills to your projects in welding:

Pipeline, penstock, piping:

Weld steel pipe diameter of all, high and low pressure, forced conduct, snow (snow gun). And stainless steel piping. Preparation and implementation of welds, and material self (car generator generator)

Work at height, work in enclosed spaces:

Qualified welder any position according to EN 287.1 and IRATA certified, for your intervention in height, with ropes in acrobatic work, difficult access, confined, special, mountain and altitude.

Repairs and resurfacing:

Repairs and resumption of welding defect following manufacturer specifications, and writing specifications for welding.

Various works:

Welding and assembly of welded assemblies in TIG, MIG MAG, and coated electrodes.

steel, aluminum, stainless steel, pipe, penstock, pipeline, civil engineering, construction, industry, welding repair, resurfacing, preparation and implementation of welds ...

Specialized, among other things, work with difficult access, IRATA certified Rope, mountainous areas, confined spaces and mountain railways. Travel throughout France and abroad. Realization of writing books welding.

I am qualified to EN 287 -1 process 111 to 114 - 135 - 136 to 141 that I renew regular basis. The park equipment is composed of:

Generators for coated electrodes, generator TIG AC / DC - Mig-Mag pulsed generator equipped with a torch "Innershield" to son filled without gas: hardware mobile electrogene groups 13 and 8 Kva, a 4x4 pickup for me can act independently.

GSM : 06 25 92 60 18

S.A.R.L. CS pro
Casali Pierre-Yves, soudeur professionnel
73260 Aigueblanche (France)

Capital social : 44 000 Euros - Siège social : Navette 73260 Aigueblanche - SIREN 753 974 815 RCS CHAMBERY

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